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St Hugh's is one of the largest and most diverse colleges in Oxford. The 14-acre site, settled in a quiet corner of North Oxford, is an idyllic setting of expansive gardens and Victorian houses. Students have access to a beautiful 24-hour library, a 7-days-a-week hall, weekly formal halls, chapel services, wireless internet in much of the college site and a cohesive and supportive community of students, faculty, administration and staff.

The St. Hugh's MCR represents the graduate population at the college. Unlike undergraduates, who live both their academic and social lives in college, graduates have separate academic departments and typically return to their college for the social and welfare aspects of living in Oxford. St. Hugh's MCR provides support for graduates, with a strong focus on creating a welcoming atmosphere for a diverse range of interests and experiences.

For prospective students, please take a look around St. Hugh's by visiting the main college website and by browsing around the MCR site. If you have any questions, our committee members would be more than happy to help!!

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