About St Hugh’s MCR

Welcome to the St. Hugh’s Middle Common Room.

The St. Hugh’s Middle Common Room (MCR) is both a set of rooms and the graduate student body of St. Hugh’s College. With over 300 members, our MCR is one of the largest graduate student common rooms in Oxford. Our members include international and local students, fourth year medics, visiting students, affiliate members and a vast range of academic interests that span the university and a wealth of experiences, interests and backgrounds.

Our starting point is that all members of the MCR are equal, so all of our committee members represent all in the MCR, and all of our events and other benefits are for everyone, not sub-groups.

St. Hugh’s provides all students a corner of Oxford to call their own. Though St. Hugh’s is one of the larger colleges, in terms of student population and estates, the MCR still maintains a true home atmosphere. The MCR room hosts Wii sport competitions, movie nights, Sunday brunches, food nights, wine and beer tastings, fudge and coffee evenings, pub quizzes, pre- and post-formal drinks and random music jams. You will find students in the MCR working on last minute papers, reading newspapers, listening to music, browsing our in-house library, catching up on laundry, or just taking a break from the busy Oxford term.

Besides taking part in our weekly social term card events, there are many other ways to get involved with the MCR, from standing for committee elections to suggesting, or even organising, your own social event. Students from our MCR have suggested and taken the initiative to coordinate events ranging from operas, musicals, theatre shows, sporting events, paintball, whisky tastings, open mike nights and go-kart racing.

If you’re thinking of coming to Oxford as a graduate student, definitely stop by 87 Banbury for a cup of tea, take a browse around our site pages, ask a committee member a question, look for us on Facebook and we look forward to seeing you very soon!