2010 MCR President’s Welcome:

Welcome to the St Hugh’s Middle Common Room. The St. Hugh’s Middle Common Room (MCR) is both a lovely room of bottomless cups of tea and wonderfully cozy couches as well as the vibrant graduate student community of St. Hugh’s College. Our MCR is one of the largest and most diverse graduate student common rooms in Oxford. Our members include an exciting mix of international and local students, fourth year medics, visiting students, honorary members and a vast range of academic interests that span the University and a wealth of experiences, interests and backgrounds. Our student body of over 250 members maintains a cohesive community around our very active and diverse social term card (see for yourself!), beautiful and accessible gardens, graduate-only Victorian houses on the college site, tennis and basketball courts in our own backyard, and most importantly, free weekly brunches and pizza movie nights!

St. Hugh’s provides all students a corner of Oxford to call their own. Though St. Hugh’s is one of the larger colleges, in terms of student population and estates, the MCR still maintains a true home atmosphere. At any given time of day, the MCR room hosts Wii Sport competitions, movie nights, Sunday brunches, Food Nights, wine and beer tastings, fudge and coffee evenings, pub quizzes, pre- and post- formal drinks and the random music jam. You will find students in the MCR working on last minute papers, reading newspapers, listening to CDs, browsing our in-house library, catching up on laundry, or just taking a break from the busy Oxford term.

The St. Hugh’s community holds an absolute wealth of experiences, accumulated before and during our students’ time at Oxford. Come in and just listen to the conversations in the MCR, which range from extended debates on the previous night’s Question Time show, stories of early morning rowing outings and summaries of research dissertations. A typical conversation with a Hughsie can quickly go from politics, to sports, to science, to philosophy and then a quick drop into a Facebook melodrama and back to politics again. If you’re looking for a college stereotype of St. Hugh’s, we would say, truly warm and friendly, wickedly intelligent, wholly interested, socially aware and totally committed to taking advantage of everything Oxford life has to offer.

Besides taking part in our weekly social term card events, there are many other ways to get involved with the MCR, from standing for Committee elections to suggesting, or even organising, your own social event ideas. Students from our MCR have suggested and taken the initiative to coordinate events ranging from operas, musicals, theatre shows, sporting events, paintball, whiskey tastings, open mike nights and supposedly, there is a go-kart race in the works.

If you’re already an MCR member, welcome to the new website!

If you’re thinking of coming to Oxford as a graduate student, definitely stop by 87 Banbury for a cup of tea, take a browse around our site pages, ask a committee member a question, look for us on Facebook and hopefully we’ll see you in Michaelmas 2010!

Therese-Heather F. Belen
MCR President 2010



The 2010 MCR Committee members are:


Therese-Heather Belen



My name is Heather and I am the 2010 MCR President. I am responsible for overseeing all MCR affairs as well as representing the MCR towards College and the University – on the Library Committee, the Equalities Committee, the Estates Committee, the Domestic Committee, the Governing Body of St. Hugh’s College, the MCR Presidents’ Committee, the OUSU Council and termly meetings of Common Room Presidents with the Proctors and Assessor. I am also responsible for chairing the weekly Committee meetings, to which all members of the MCR are invited, including bi-termly General Meetings, and upholding the Constitution of the St. Hugh’s Middle Common Room.

In my spare time, I am a member of the St. Hugh’s Boat Club, the Oxford University Gliding Club, the St. Hugh’s jazz a capella choir, and an MSc student in the Social Science of the Internet at the Oxford Internet Institute. That last bit essentially means that I’m always on Facebook and I usually communicate best within the bounds of 140 characters or less. With that being said: @HughsMCR Born n’bred New Yorker with penchant for pearls, flowered headbands, green tea frappuccinos and the fight for #netneutrality.


Iain (Kip) Perdue



Hello, I’m Kip.  Though an American in Oxford is hardly shocking, I’m originally from Chicago and have lived in Aotearoa New Zealand as well.  This is my second year on the MCR committee, and I’m currently the VP which is a glorified turn of phrase meaning accountant.  All matters fiscal are my domain.  I’m a second year MPhil in Medical Anthropology and my thesis is focused on the social life of schizophrenia, a natural confluence of my undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Psychology.  I read a lot (of everything), love terrible science-fiction, and am skilled in the creation of reproduction chainmail armor.  Someday I’d like to be King of Amerika.


[Previously held committee positions: MCR President 2009]


Alison Lutton



I’m Alison, and as MCR secretary, I’m responsible for all sorts of administrative stuff – taking minutes at our committee and general meetings, making sure the notice boards in the MCR stay up to date and, most importantly, sending out emails to keep you all informed about the events we’re organising. I’m currently in my first year of a DPhil in English, focusing on contemporary literature, literary celebrity and authorship, having previously studied at the University of Liverpool and the University of Edinburgh. I’m from the Wirral and like reading, going to the cinema, going to the gym when I can motivate myself, all the usual boring things. I’m training to be a Peer Supporter this term and am looking forward to helping members of the MCR once I’m qualified. Please get in touch if you’d like any more information about the committee and what we do, or if you’d like us to publicise an event you’re holding. I hope to see you all at some point very soon.


Frank Carle

Social Secretary


Frank is a 29 year-old American from near New York. Currently, he lives in Oxford, where he is an MPhil candidate and research assistant in the department of politics and international relations. Previously, he lived in Salzburg, where he taught at the state teacher training college attached to the University of Salzburg. Frank earned a B.A. in Political Science, History and German and a B.S. in the Administration of Justice at Rutgers University, where he graduated with honors. Frank is one of two social secretaries for the college MCR. Along with George Currie, his responsibilities lie in planning and carrying out most of the MCR’s social events, such as wine-tastings, paintball trips and randomly negotiating bulk discounts on Pizza for movie night. He is a firm believer in participatory democracy, and always welcomes input from the MCR.

In the past, Frank has worked in a number of positions, including bagel baker, book-keeper, referee, camp counsellor, sport commentator, computer technician, bus driver, regional coordinator, and of course, teacher. In his free time, he enjoys playing American Football for the Salzburg Red Bulls and rowing for the St. Hughs boat club, singing in the college choir, attempting to stay as active as his new MCR duties allow in the German society,  Newman Society and Oxford Union all while availing himself of every opportunity to try new kinds of European food and drink. When he’s not studying the social sciences or teaching English to little kids, he likes traveling around Europe and reading books that people tell him are better than movies he’s seen. He is described by his peers as being pretty kewl.

George Currie

Social Secretary


[George is still writing his bio.]


Tim Bartley

Male Welfare Officer


Hi, my name is Tim. I’m doing a DPhil in Physics. I’m mostly to be found shooting lasers at things in darkened rooms. [Tim is still writing his bio.]
Sue Ellis

Female Welfare Officer


[Sue is still writing her bio.]

Pip Millington

IT Representative


Hi, my name’s Pip and I like turtles.

My job on the MCR Committee is to update this website and sort out any other IT issues the MCR may have. I am a fourth year Medic which means it is my first year in the MCR having spent three previously in the JCR where I was also IT Rep for a year.

In my spare time I like to play numerous sports, although none at a very high level. I also like to watch films, bowl, play guitar, compose music and make a nuisance of myself.


Olivia Berthoumieu

Housing Officer


Hello, I am Olivia and I am the MCR Housing Officer. I did my undergraduate studies in France before coming to Oxford for doing a PhD in Biochemistry. I was the Female Welfare Officer last year and this is now my third year in College, so I know the place and its people quite well and if you have any issues or questions concerning accommodation then please do get in touch with me and I will try my best to help.

[Previously held committee positions: Female Welfare Officer 2009]

Katy Beckhurst

Environment + Charities Representative


I am a fourth year medic at Hugh’s, having spent the first three years of my course as a member of the JCR. In my time at Hugh’s, I have been on the ball committee, Women’s rowing captain and MedSoc president amongst other things.  I hope to reduce the negative impact the MCR has on its environment and increase the positive impact we have on the world around us.  If you have any ideas or questions in this area please email I would love to hear from you.

Beth Gostanian

Sports Representative


Hi, my name is Beth Gostanian, aka the MCR Sports Yoda.  I’m from the Boston area, (where we pahk our cahs in Hahvad yahd), and my undergrad degree is in Classics from Trinity College in Connecticut. I enjoy deep conversations and long walks on the beach and am looking for someone who….oops,forgot what kind of bio I was writing for a minute there!
Annnyway, before coming to Oxford I lived in Prague teaching English, and now I am in the first year of an MPhil in Classical Archaeology. This is a slight misnomer as I don’t actually like to dig, I really just like to pretend I am Lara Croft and play with ancient things. As to sports experience, my main claim to fame is as a decorated member of the Women’s Varsity Softball Team at Trinity, but over the years I’ve dabbled in everything from ice hockey to basketball. So, if you ever need help finding a team to play on, have an idea for a sports event or just want to play pick up on the weekend, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to help.
Roselyn Lemus-Calleja

OUSU Representative


Roselyn Lemus comes from Mexico and is reading for a D.Phil. in Pathology focusing her research in trying to cure cancer. In her spare time she’s the OUSU representative of the college and one of her roles is to be sure that any matter that graduates of this  college may face can be raised in the OUSU and/or University so  If you have any issue don’t hesitate to contact her.

Adam Laikin

Special Envoy to Said Business School students


Hey, I’m Adam. I’m one of almost 40 MBA students at St. Hughs, and my job is to encourage the rest of us (as well as other SBS students) to get involved in college life. I’m also more than happy to answer any questions from future or perspective SBS students about the school or college. I’m a member of the Oxford Union and rowed for St. Hughs last term.

I’m from America, where I most recently lived and worked in Los Angeles, CA. I was an undergraduate at Arizona State University, where I studied Finance and Marketing at the W.P. Carey School of Business. I like sports like tennis, hiking, surfing and yoga (I’m kind of a California stereotype), and I enjoy exploring the fine pubs, lounges and nightclubs of Oxford and beyond. I think that music makes the world go ’round and have a pretty eclectic library (to accompany laughably bad musical capabilities of my own). I love jamming out on business ideas, though, so I’m game to help you think through yours if you want. Plus books and movies and stuff, of course. Finally, I’m proud to have been told by numerous people that I am the most laid-back guy they know.