President – Alexander Flint

I’m usually known as ‘Sandy’. As MCR President I represent the interests of St Hugh’s graduates to college and coordinate the MCR committee in its various activities. If you have any difficulties in dealing with college, any suggestions, concerns, etc., let me know at any time.

Vice-President – Dan Schmit

I am your Vice-President for 2015. I handle the money and keep Mr President in check. Get in touch at any time if you have any concerns that you want to talk about in confidence.


Secretary – Aurore Lyon

I’m Aurore, in my first year of DPhil in computer science. As secretary I’m responsible for communication and administration within the committee and wider MCR community. Keeping everyone up-to-date with what is happening is my main goal, and you should received a few emails from me keeping you informed of news and events.

 If you have any questions about anything MCR related, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Welfare Officer (Male) – Owen Thomas

Welfare Officer (Female) – Sayantani Mitra

Hi, my name is Sayantani. It is my frist year at Oxford. Along with Owen, I am your Welfare Officer. Welfare covers a wide range of aspects, from regular Sunday brunch to a casual chat if you encounter some problems. I am also a Peer Supporter and am happy to listen to you. 

Social Secretary – Robert Chmielewski

I’m Rob, one of the two Social Secretaries this year. 

 Parties are my game.

Social Secretary – Markus Schmidtchen

Hi! As part of the MCR’s social sec team, we will be running all sorts of fun events throughout your time here, so please come and get involved!

Having already served one full term I’ve been called back into action to led the new Hughsies into social battle glory. I hope you like to socialise.

IT Rep – Justin Bewsher

In the battle against the eventually rise of the machines the IT Rep will be on the winning side. Make sure you choose wisely.

Housing Rep – Ellen Leitman

Hi, my name is Ellen Leitman and I am your Housing Rep.


Environment and Charities Rep – Shao-Hua Wang

Sports Rep – Laure Bonfils


I’m Laure, a second year DPhil student in Engineering Science. I am your Sport Rep for this year. So, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!