President – Aurore Lyon

My name is Aurore and this is my third year at St Hugh’s. I’m starting my second year of DPhil in Computer Science. As MCR president, my job is to represent the interests of St Hugh’s graduates to college and to the university. I sit on various committees to ensure the MCR’s needs are heard and to report back the MCR committee. I will do my best to make sure things run smoothly within the MCR, and hope you will enjoy your time here at St Hugh’s. If you have any questions/suggestions/concerns/difficulties, please let me know any time.


(Photo credit: Constance Trebor-Liarum)

Vice-President – Joshua Bull

Hi, I’m Josh, a first year DPhil student in Maths. As VP, it’s my job to look after the vault of money, gold and gems which we keep hidden under the loose floorboard in the MCR and ensure that we don’t spend it all on beer in the first week of term. Basically, I have to make sure that we’ve got money to run all the other fantastic things that everybody else organises and generally help out the rest of the committee where required (heavy lifting, reaching things on high shelves, getting in the way etc.).

Feel free to contact me if you’ve got any questions about the MCR, St Hugh’s or literally anything else.

I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to help with LITERALLY anything else, but I promise to look it up on Wikipedia if it sounds like a fun topic. 



Secretary – Caroline Telfer

Hi! I’m Caroline and I’m a second year DPhil student in Cardiovascular Science. As Secretary I will be responsible for administrative jobs within the committee and communication between the committee and the MCR community. You will get regular updates from me with news and notices via a weekly email but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!



Welfare Officer (Male) – Julian Pohl

Julian is somewhat of a mystery. Recently, he has started referring to himself in the third person. It all began when he was asked to write a short text about himself for the MCR website. Julian does an MPhil in Thinking about Thinking about Politics, which is weird. He likes to think about power, and violence, and if violence can ever be justified, and how to take over the world. That makes him the PERFECT Welfare Officer, doesn’t it? In his spare time, he likes to eat (Which DOES make him the perfect Welfare Officer), and he has been working as an international student’s group counsellor/Papa Bear/football coach/part-time marriage consultant for several years. He is available to talk in confidence about any problems that students might face, with no issue considered too big or too small (Owen 2014).



Welfare Officer (Female) – Thea Sommerschield

My name is Thea, I am an MSt student in Ancient History and your MCR Welfare Officer along with Julian. Feeling at ease and welcomed in your own College is of the utmost importance. So, if you believe your coffee consumption is getting out of hand and may possibly be related to your hectic academic deadlines, if you have developed a worrying addiction to Zen gardening because something is troubling you or if you have a more serious problem to tackle in confidence, I am an excellent listener and will advise you on who to turn to if need may be. As for the weekly Welfare teas and Sunday brunches, may my Italian nationality act as a guarantee that you have at your disposal someone whose taste buds and know-how have been refined through generations of pizza-craft, pasta-worship and all things stylish.



Wining and Dining Officer – Ursula Dalrymple

Hello! I’m Ursula, the MCR Wining & Dining Officer for this year. I organise MCR participation in the weekly college formal halls and exchange dinners with other colleges, so I’m your first port of call for any food or fermented grape based questions. In my spare time I also do a DPhil in epidemiology.



Social Secretary – Eva Espinoza Vigo

Helloooo! I’m Eva, an MBA student and one of the two social secretaries in this year MCR Committee. With Sam, we’ll be organizing Social Fridays and other activities so you can have fun, drink and relax after every week trying to figure it out what you are doing studying that master/ DPhil, or in general with your life. Party ideas? Email me!


Social Secretary – Sam Lunn-Rockliffe



IT Rep – Joydeep Chakravarty

Hello everyone! I’m JD and I am currently pursuing my MBA at Oxford. I have been chosen to be the keeper of the ones and zeros this year. If you find a bug please do give me a buzz!



Housing Rep – Paula Larsson

Hi! I’m Paula Larsson an MSc in Medical Anthropology and the current Housing Officer for the St. Hugh’s MCR committee. If you need access to the camp beds, or have questions/concerns about accommodation on site, e-mail me.



Environment and Charities Rep – Rachel Wheatley

Hi I’m Rachel, your Environment and Charities Rep for the year. I’m a second year DPhil in Plant Sciences; comprehensive lover of all things green!



Sports Rep – Laure Bonfils


I’m Laure, a third year DPhil student in Engineering Science. I am your Sport Rep for this year. So, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!