2017 Committee

President – Joshua Bull

Hi, I’m Josh and I’m in my third year at St Hugh’s and my second as a DPhil student in Mathematical Biology. My job as President is to both provide a link between the graduate students of St Hugh’s and the college and to make sure that everyone else in the committee has the support and resources to fulfill their roles. I sit on various committees in the college and university, and also liaise with the Presidents of other MCRs across Oxford to ensure that we’re all benefiting from each others’ experiences. I’ll do what I can to make sure that the graduate students of St Hugh’s have as rewarding a time here as possible and try to always be available if you have any problems that need solving. So if you have any difficulties that you think I might be able to help with, please let me know!


Vice-President – Aurore Lyon

My name is Aurore and this is my fourth year at St Hugh’s. I’m starting my second year of DPhil in Computer Science. I will do my best to make sure things run smoothly within the MCR, and hope you will enjoy your time here at St Hugh’s. If you have any questions/suggestions/concerns/difficulties, please let me know any time.


Secretary – Hena Bagha

Hey there! I’m Hena and am in my third year reading for a DPhil in Chemistry. As secretary, I have the wonderful task of keeping you all updated with the MCR happenings via weekly emails & updates. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


Welfare Officer (Male) – Patrick Grealey

Patrick is studying for his MSt in Musicology.


Welfare Officer (Female) – Deborah Walnicki

Hello! My name is Deborah and I’m the Female Welfare Officer, as well as a first year MPhil student in International Development. I work with Patrick to organize the weekly Sunday brunch, as well as Welfare Wednesdays featuring events such as wine and cheese, Mario Kart tournaments, ice cream sundae nights, and more. I’m also a trained peer supporter, and can help you navigate any of the welfare structures in college. Feel free to reach out at any time!


Wining and Dining Officer – Ursula Dalrymple

Hello! I’m Ursula, the MCR Wining & Dining Officer for this year. I organise MCR participation in the weekly college formal halls and exchange dinners with other colleges, so I’m your first port of call for any food or fermented grape based questions. In my spare time I also do a DPhil in epidemiology.


Social Secretary – Hanna Kimpel

Hanna is studying for an MSt in Global and Imperial history. She works with Alex to organise the weekly social events.


Social Secretary – Alex Wulfers

I am Alex, second-year MPhil in Economic and Social History and this year’s St Hugh’s MCR Social Secretary. I am responsible for organising the Friday night socials to make sure that you have an opportunity to wind down at the end of a busy term week and enjoy some drinks, conversation, and games in the MCR party room. These events are usually a great opportunity to get to know the other MCR members and meet up throughout the year on a regular basis, so I am looking forward to seeing you there. Feel free to approach me if you have any questions regarding college life.


IT Rep – Adam MacCarthy

Adam is a DPhil student in Computational Cardiovascular Science.


Housing Rep – Claire Dobson

I’m Claire, and I’m the MCR Housing Rep. I’m currently studying in the second year of my DPhil in Evolutionary Biology and trying to work out fish even became things (stop me if I’m getting too technical). I also get involved in a lot of MCR events so you’ll definitely see me around!


Environment and Charities Rep – Constance Crozier

Hi, I’m Constance. You may remember me from such performances as ‘The MCR Charity Auction’ and… other things…. ANYWAY I’m studying for a DPhil in Engineering and can be found siphoning free food from the MCR and complaining about how far away my department is. If you’re interested in organising anything charitable, have concerns about the environment or need persuading that climate change is not a conspiracy then feel free to hit me up.


Sports Rep – Laure Bonfils

Hi! I’m Laure, a third year DPhil student in Engineering Science. I am your Sport Rep for this year. So, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!