Oh, give me a home, where the swans do roam…

For 2017-18, St Hugh’s graduates will have at least 84 bedrooms onsite, most of which are reserved for freshers.

Graduate accommodation is now located mostly in the new Dickson Poon Building; these rooms are all en-suite. Other rooms are in the MCR building at 87 Banbury Road and various smaller buildings; these are mostly not en-suite.

In the bedrooms, be prepared to find at least: a bed, a desk, a desk chair, a desk lamp, a comfy chair, a chest of drawers or bookshelves, a wardrobe and a notice board. Depending on where you’re living, laundry rooms may or may not be available in your building, but worry not – a laundry room will be no more than a few minutes away.

Rooms are priced in what we call a price band. There are 5 bands, with band 1 being the cheapest. The main way college calculates the price of rooms is as follows:

Band 1: Floor space up to 12m
Band 2: Floor space from 12.01m2 to 15m2   
Band 3: Floor space from 15.01m2 to 20m2
Band 4: Floor space from 20.01m2 to 25m2
Band 5: Floor space at least 25.01m2

Rooms in the China Centre are priced based on the same system, but with half a band added.

If you have any questions about accommodation at St. Hugh’s, please don’t hesitate to contact the MCR committee.

If you will be living outside of college accommodation, and would like some guidance, please refer to this helpful guide: OUSU Living Out Guide