Julian Pohl

Welfare Officer (Male)

Department: MCR Commitee


Julian is somewhat of a mystery. Recently, he has started referring to himself in the third person. It all began when he was asked to write a short text about himself for the MCR website. Julian does an MPhil in Thinking about Thinking about Politics, which is weird. He likes to think about power, and violence, and if violence can ever be justified, and how to take over the world. That makes him the PERFECT Welfare Officer, doesn’t it? In his spare time, he likes to eat (Which DOES make him the perfect Welfare Officer), and he has been working as an international student’s group counsellor/Papa Bear/football coach/part-time marriage consultant for several years. He is available to talk in confidence about any problems that students might face, with no issue considered too big or too small (Owen 2014).

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