2019 Committee

President – Elodie Powell

Hi, my name is Elodie and I’m in the second year of an MPhil in Classical Archaeology looking at the mosaics of late antiquity. As MCR President I lead the committee, making sure everyone has the resources they need to do their work. I also represent the graduate students of St Hugh’s with college and with the wider university. My goal is to make everyone feel welcome and included in the graduate community at St Hugh’s. I am always happy to chat about anything, so if you have questions or suggestions just let me know.


Vice President – Joshua Thomas

Hi everyone, I’m Josh and I’m a first year Zoology DPhil student, studying the evolution of social behaviour in bacteria. As VP/Treasurer my role is to manage the MCR finances and set the MCR budget, which determines how we spend money on social events, welfare, sports, and everything else. I also work closely with Elodie to ensure the MCR runs smoothly. I’ll be at the vast majority of the MCR events, so if you see me around feel free to say hi and ask me any questions you may have. Cheers!


Secretary – Avani Lal

Hi everyone, I am Avani. I am a first year MPhil in Political Theory and I am also your new MCR Secretary. As Secretary my job includes sending the weekly email keeping you up to date with everything going in your MCR, updating the MCR blog and ordering pizza on Sunday evenings. I will endeavour to make my emails as amusing and concise as possible but if you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to get in touch via email or in person! Hope to see you around college and at upcoming MCR events!


Welfare Officer – Brandon Chye Zhi Han

Hi I’m Brandon and I’m an MPhil in Development Studies student. I will be the MCR Welfare Officer for the coming year along with Greta. I hope that everyone joining the St Hugh’s MCR will really enjoy themselves and feel comfortable in a new environment as they being studying in Oxford.

I’ll be here to communicate any welfare issues that graduate students may have to the college administration as well as help plan events and organize our incredibly fantastic weekly brunches. If you have anything you’d like to talk about, or you’d just like to go for regular morning runs/gymming sessions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


Welfare Officer – Greta Galeotti

Hi! I’m Greta, a second year Mphil student in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology (“Ancient Languages Nerd” was too long to fit in my Bodcard). I am going to be your other Welfare Officer this coming term. Together with Brandon, we are going to organise the Welfare events and the highlight of the MCR week, the legendary Sunday brunch! Most importantly, I will also always be available if you are having any troubles or welfare issues, and can make sure to put you in contact with the proper College and University services. Please feel free to contact me if you want to have a chat, or even just a cup of tea and/or any kind of sugary food!


Wining and Dining Officer – Amartya Sanyal

I’m Amartya Sanyal and I’m a second year DPhil student in Computer Science. I’m your new wining and dining officer and it’s my responsibility to organize our formals and arrange for the various exchange formals with the other colleges of Oxford.

If you have any questions about wining and dining at St. Hugh’s, don’t be shy to reach out to me!


Social Secretary – Emerson Murray

Hi – I’m Emerson, and I’m a second year MPhil student in Politics (Comparative Government) at St Hugh’s. I’ll be one of your social secretaries this term along with our seasoned veteran, Joana Bessa, and the two of us will be in charge of putting on weekly Friday socials for you in college. Join us at the MCR Friday evenings for drinks, food, and music, whether to relax and unwind or get ready for a night on the town!

If you have any questions or suggestions for what you’d like to see at upcoming Friday socials, feel free to get in touch with Joana or myself!


Social Secretary – Florence Smith

Hello, I am Florence. I am studying for an MSt in Modern British History with a focus on Irish Women’s history. I am one of two social secretaries on the MCR committee. I am involved with running the Friday Night Socials which, as the brightest among you will have worked out, take place every Friday night in the MCR! These socials are a great opportunity to get out of the library, relax, drink, dance and get to know other graduate students at St Hugh’s. All are always welcome and even if you don’t know many people at the beginning of TFS, you certainly will by the end! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to email me.


IT Representative – Kurtis Lockhart

Hi! I’m Kurtis, a first year DPhil student in Politics. I’m your Technology Representative for this year, so if any of you MCR members have tech issues or requests please feel free to let me know via email or (better yet) face-to-face (I’m typically around at most MCR events — especially Pizza/Movie Sundays).


Environment and Charities Representative – Kat Friege

Hi! My name is Kat, I’m a first year DPhil student in History and your MCR Environment and Charities Rep. My main project in Hilary Term is organising a charity auction. I’m also your go to person for whenever you need an extra environmentally friendly & charitable boost! Hope to see you around college and don’t ever hesitate to get in touch.


Academic Representative – Saed Khawaldeh

I am a DPhil student in Clinical Neurosciences at the University of Oxford. In the past 7 years, I co-founded and led few NGOs and initiatives which aim at empowering youth in the middle east. Additionally, I worked as a researcher in several academic and research centers around the globe where I developed a passion for integrating neuroscience with technology to come up with solutions to the humankind disorders especially the ones which affect the brain (i.e. Parkinson, Eplipsy, etc.).

I believe that sharing knowledge, expertise, opportunities, and connecting people who have a similar vision are the key principles in working toward a better world for everyone. That’s why I chose to work with St. Hugh’s MCR as an academic representative. I hope my work will contribute positively to the graduate student’s life at St. Hugh’s through building an amazing academic network, making an impactful collaboration, and forming a creative intellectual atmosphere.

So, St. Hugh’s people, I am sure that every one of you has many great ideas which are worth to be shared with everyone else, so get yourself ready to share them through our upcoming academic events!

Feel free to get in touch with me for any academic matter, always happy to help and work together with you to make our college great again.


Sports Representative – Barney Poznansky

Hello! I’m Barney, a second year DPhil in Inorganic Chemistry and also your Sports Rep this year. During my time here so far, I have been involved in college football, rowing and cricket and I am captain of the MCR football team. As your sports rep, I hope to organise sporting events and classes that are accessible to all abilities, so more of the MCR community can get involved. I aim to set up more college wide sports clubs such as a road cycling club. I would also like to improve the MCR’s general sports equipment, so please let me know if you notice anything that we need.

Have a great year and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about college or university sport!