New Students FAQ

If you’ve got an offer for St Hugh’s for the 2018-19 academic year, why not join our Facebook group here? It’s especially useful if you have any questions that you’d like to ask current students before you get here!

What does ‘MCR’ mean?

The term ‘MCR’ means Middle Common Room, and refers to both the graduate student body, as well as the actual building we use. The ‘Middle’ in Middle Common Room distinguishes us from the undergraduates (Junior Common Room, or JCR) and tutors (Senior Common Room, or SCR).

Our MCR building is 87 Banbury Road, and is reserved solely for the use of postgraduate members of college. As well as graduate rooms upstairs, the building contains a party room, where we host social events; a study room with computers and printer; a lounge with TV and sofas; a kitchen; and laundry facilities.

Generally, we host around 4 events per week to help students relax and meet new people. The MCR building is accessible to all members of the MCR, whether you live in or out of college. Our party room and BBQ can be hired by students for their own events.

What kinds of event do the MCR host?

The MCR committee are in charge of organising events. The two main weekly events are TFS (The Friday Social), which is a relaxed evening social event with drinks and music; and Brunch on a Sunday morning.

Other events include pizza and film nights, welfare events, and our Research and Wine evenings, which are a chance for members of the college to present aspects of their work in a relaxed environment. All events are free and are open to everyone in the MCR.

We also host larger events such as charity fundraisers, BBQs, and visits from local alpacas (apparently great for thesis stress relief!). There are also weekly formals at college, for which the MCR provides a drinks reception beforehand. To keep up to date with events in the MCR please join our facebook page.

What does it mean to be part of a college?

You can think of college almost as your ‘social’ space, whereas your lab/library/faculty is your ‘work’ space. As well as being home to the MCR, St Hugh’s also has large gardens, 7 day a week dining hall, and a 24-hour library, meaning that even if you don’t live on the college site it’ll be somewhere you may be spending a lot of time.

Colleges are also one of the main sources of pastoral support, both in the form of MCR Welfare Officers and of college staff. The college also provides facilities such as a chapel and multi-faith prayer room. If you live in on-site graduate accommodation then the college is your home, and if you live out then you can think of it as your home from home. For more information about the facilities provided by college, visit their main website.

What if I live off site?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity on site to house all of our postgraduates, meaning the majority of members live out. However, with 74 graduate rooms on site there are always people around, and all our events are well attended, making the walk/cycle/drive to college well worth it. Living off site does not make you any less a member of our college, and we encourage you to stay involved with our events and sports teams.

Question not on this page? Email our president or any other member of the committee.

Page updated 07/09/18.